Terry's Texas Rangers:
How They Lived & How They Died

Winner of the 2002 Summerfield G. Roberts Award for Best Book on Texas and Texans During the Civil War

None But Texians: A History of Terry's Texas Rangers.
Only $22.95 AND autographed by the author.

In the Footsteps of Heroes:
The Unexpected Soldiers of Terry's Texas Rangers

Imagine battling in over 200 conflicts across seven states, far from the comfort of home. Picture the allure that drew some of the brightest minds from prestigious universities like Princeton, Yale, and the University of South Carolina to volunteer for such a war. What could compel doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and plantation owners to abandon their lives and serve as privates in a volunteer regiment in a struggle so distant from home?None But Texians: A History of Terry's Texas Rangers looks at these questions and more. Immerse yourself in firsthand accounts from Ranger members, extracted from hidden journals, letters, and newspapers. Explore exclusive maps detailing the Ranger campaigns and see photos of artifacts that offer a glimpse into their past. Discover the post-Civil War journeys of these remarkable men.If you suspect a family connection to Terry's Texas Rangers, our comprehensive Regimental Roster may hold the answer. Discover the everyday lives of these men – the songs they sang, the tales they shared, the flags they raised.

None But Texians was a featured book with the
Texas Flags: 1836-1945 exhibit at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Undercover Operations:
The Secret Spy Unit of Terry's Texas Rangers (and more)

* Did you know the 8th Texas Cavalry was led at one time by General Nathan Bedford Forrest?
* Find out about the secret spy unit that operated out of Terry's Texas Rangers.
* Where was Robert E. Lee when Texas joined the Confederacy?
* What would lead a prominent Union leader to say he'd prefer to be a Private in Terry's Texas Rangers than a Brigadier General in the Union army?
* Who was with General Albert Sydney Johnston at his death, General Leonidas Polk at his death, and at the surrender of the Confederate forces in Galveston?
* What Terry's Texas Rangers officer corps member led Confederate troops in Mexico after the Civil War?
* What former Ranger recommended a seawall in Galveston prior to the deadly Storm of 1900?
* Find out which Texas cities and counties were named after men in the regiment.
* Why did the Rangers always carry two sets of six-shooters?
* Only twice in the Civil War did a cavalry unit defeat an infantry unit. Terry's Texas Rangers won both times.
* What is the connection between Terry's Texas Rangers and the current controversy over the statues in The Hall of Southern Statesmen at the University of Texas-Austin?
* Learn the location of Ranger memorials throughout the state of Texas.

None But Texians: A History of Terry's Texas Rangers.
Only $22.95 AND autographed by the author.

“This book is a fine edition to our knowledge of the Rangers.” – Ralph Wooster, Author and Professor of History Lamar University“This book was a joy to read. Even the endnotes are well worth reading, containing a lot of information expanding upon that in the narrative. This account goes a long way to explain why and how the Rangers achieved an almost mythical status and why they live on today in ‘living history’ and art." – Ralph Green, critic“Jeffrey Murrah shows us who this band of brothers, cousins, friends, and neighbors really were–and why they fought as they did.” – Clyde Wilson, Author and Professor of History, U of South Carolina“None But Texians should be on the bookshelf of everyone who has an interest in the Civil War and Texas’s participation in it. Easy to read, the more than two hundred pages provide insight and understanding into one of Texas’s most important contributions to the great war.” – Jerry Turner, Navaro College, Mexia Daily News

Clyde N. Wilson

First to Arrive and Last to Leave

"The War Between the States is the most interesting part of our history and without doubt, Terry's Texas Rangers is one of the top few most interesting units. These mounted Texans fought in over a hundred engagements from beginning to end, usually the first to get there and the last to leave.But what is really inspiring about this regimental history is that Jeffrey Murrah shows us who this band of brothers, cousins, friends and neighbors really were – and why they fought as they did."– Clyde N. Wilson, Professor of History, University of South Carolina, author of Carolina Cavalier: The Life and Mind of James Johnston Pettigrew

About Jeffrey D. Murrah

It Takes A Texan To Write Texas History

Winner of the 2002 Summerfield G. Roberts Award for
Best Book on Texas and Texans During the Civil War

Jeffrey D. Murrah boasts an impressive lineage as a sixth-generation Texan, tracing his roots back to the Green DeWitt colonists of Gonzales County, Texas. His educational journey took him from Sam Rayburn High School in Pasadena, Texas, to the University of Houston at Clear Lake, where he earned both his B.S. and M.A. degrees.In 1981, after completing his master's degree in Behavioral Sciences, Murrah embarked on a fulfilling career in counseling. He focuses on guiding individuals and couples through the aftermath of infidelity. In addition to his counseling work, Murrah pens a regular column for Medium and circulates a daily newsletter via his website, Survive Your Partner's Affair.A Texas native, Murrah has always held a deep fascination for his state's history and his forefathers' stories, a passion ignited by his grandmother's tales about their ancestors in Gonzales County. This interest evolved into a hobby, leading him to extensively research The War Between the States and eventually join the Sons of Confederate Veterans.As a past contributor to the local camp newsletter, The Johnston Journal, Murrah discovered a familial connection to Terry's Texas Rangers. His thirst for knowledge about the regiment was insatiable, prompting him to dive deeper into its history. None But Texians is the culmination of his intensive research, shedding light on this legendary Texas cavalry regiment's story.Murrah resides in Wimberley, Texas, with his wife, Peggy. They have three sons and two granddaughters, and they proudly uphold their rich Texan heritage.Jeff is available to speak to your organization. Reach out to him at jeff@nonebuttexians.com

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